The Colin Kaepernick Nike ad has affected many people, causing a positive and negative reaction. Some would even consider his protest a polarizing subject and him as the spoke person for social inequality, race issues and police brutality, not qualified. That being said, the images on this ad are very powerful with many layers. First let’s look at the message by him on the ad, “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.” This represents the battle that many people face on a daily basis, standing up for their beliefs and morals, just to be judge by others who don’t understand their position. Colin lost his football career because he took a knee during the national anthem, to highlight social injustice and social inequality. Therefore the word, sacrificing is very an interesting word choice with many meanings. Second is a piece of his Afro, which symbolize African-American culture dating back to the Afro-American movement and also the Black Panther Party movement. At first Colin wore braids during his time as a NFL quarterback for the 49ers, however once his protest started and drew attention across the nation, he wore his Afro out despite the backlash from other NFL players, executives, and coaches, showing true courage. Wearing an Afro in today’s culture represents a woken person, comfortable in their skin and also knowledgeable about their ancestors. Last is the eye, which is placed over Nike’s slogan, “just do it”, this image symbolize hope, pain, and passion. The lining around his eyes, the bushy eyebrows, the blank but focus look, the color of black shading, highlights the importance of this stands. Overall, the message is to keep fighting for your beliefs and never give up no matter what.